| October 4, 2011

I like to take random pix with my phone…

| September 26, 2011

There have been a lot of wacky, strange and just plain boring cereals over the years- and I’m just talking about the names…

| September 12, 2011

I’m not much of a footwear-fanatic, but these shoes transcend fashion.

| August 15, 2011

A selection of amazing photography- food and otherwise.

| August 14, 2011

Very interesting music video…

| July 28, 2011

Google Chrome + HTML5 = AWESOMENESS ²
I’m constantly amazed at how far we humans can push technology.

| June 22, 2011

Wow. Just WOW. This animated short is so powerful. It’s visually stunning, and the story is sad and compelling.

| June 22, 2011

Really nice typographic video from TO-FU Motion Graphics Studio

| June 13, 2011

I love The Oatmeal- click the images to see some of my favorite cartoons from the site.