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Code Double Rainbow

| August 31, 2011

What I learned today:
1- Minnie Mouse is really annoying
2- “Double Rainbow” is code for…

1- Time Square has been overrun with costumed characters lately. More so than usual. On my way home from work today I passed: 2 Elmo’s, Cookie Monster, Spider Man, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the Statue of Liberty. And that was just on one corner! While trying to cross the street to the subway station Minnie Mouse decided to plant herself in front of me. Do I look like a tourist who wants to take a picture with you?? What creeps me out about these characters is that you have no idea who can be hiding in the costumes. For all I know, Minnie was a creepy old man with missing teeth, leering at all the passerby.

2- Tonight I went to see Anything Goes on Broadway. After the usher escorted my friend and me to our seats, he had a slight panic attack because he thought the people behind us had tickets for the same seats. “We have a code double rainbow,” he said into his walkie talkie. “I repeat a code double rainbow.”  A minute later he realized he was mistaken- “Sorry, there is no double rainbow. Forget about the double rainbow”. I bet he was dying for an opportunity to say the code. Despite the non-incident, I LOVED the show. We waited by the stage door afterwards to see the actors- most of them were really nice about signing autographs, but there was a big crowd so I couldn’t get pictures with them. Joel Grey did not come out though everyone waited a long time to see him. icon sad Code Double Rainbow


IMG 0560 224x300 Code Double Rainbow

Colin Donnell

IMG 0575 223x300 Code Double Rainbow

Laura Osnes

IMG 0562 224x300 Code Double Rainbow

Sutton Foster

Yes, that is a Duane Reade bag in Sutton’s hands. Or as the woman next to me said “she’s just like a normal person!”

IMG 0567 224x300 Code Double Rainbow

Sutton Foster

IMG 0580 223x300 Code Double Rainbow



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FrumGeek May 7, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Oy, I always think those “They’re just like US!” things are stupid. Yeah, they’re people. Not gods. They’ll die like everyone else.


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