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Figure Skating World Championships

| May 1, 2011

Finally finished watching Figure Skating World Championships tonight… and I definitely saved the best for last. While I love watching the Pairs and Men’s competition, Ice Dancing is my absolute favorite. (The Ladies skating is not nearly as exciting and makes me sleepy. Though Alissa Czisny is stunning and I’m always disappointed that she doesn’t rank higher.)

People are criticizing Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir for their free dance (not as polished as last year’s), but it’s amazing how Tessa was able to bounce back from her injuries.
I was actually jumping up and down, that’s how exciting they were. Aside from their superb skating skills, you can tell that they are DANCERS. The rhythm and movement was infectious.

Charlie White & Meryl Davis were perfection as usual- anything less would have been surprising, considering that they swept away the competition this season. It was actually a big contrast to Virtue & Moir’s dance- Meryl & Charlie put so much emotion into each and every movement, and they are constantly in motion- it’s hard not to get swept away. The US finally has their gold in Ice Dance!

Maia & Alex Shibutani were also a pleasure to watch. Very smooth and synchronized, elegant, graceful… fantastic that they received a bronze at their first World’s.

I was disappointed in the Men’s competition. First of all, it was a crime that Jeremy Abbott wasn’t competing. And as much as I love Ryan Bradley, his performance lacked its usual spark and felt lackluster. One of my favorites, Florent Amodio skated quite well, but he never seems to catch up with the leaders. He is by far the most entertaining skater I’ve ever seen (sorry Ryan). I will admit that Patrick Chan is quite good, but I don’t relate to his performance or style. Daisuke Takahashi is the most dynamic and his footwork is always fun to watch, so it’s too bad he messed up.

View the final rankings here: ISU Results

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir

Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Maia & Alex Shibutani

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