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I got stuck in traffic- train traffic.

| September 7, 2010

Today my 10 minute subway ride took over 45 minutes. The train pulled out of Times Square… and then stopped. At first there was a recorded announcement; the subway man told us that we were being delayed due to train traffic ahead. A few minutes later the conductor garbled some message about signal trouble. This continued for a long time, every five minutes they would take turns repeating themselves. The conductor sounded progressively irritated, and about 30 minutes later her tone seemed to indicate that the trouble was somehow our fault. Finally after switching from the express to local track, the train finally managed to reach my stop, squealing and screeching complaints all the way.


 I got stuck in traffic  train traffic.

Of course I was frustrated and angry- today of all days, I was holding extremely heavy packages and had to stand the whole time. But then I thought about it… isn’t this just one of the many things I love about NYC? Ok, it’s not that funny and if I was in a rush to get somewhere I would have been fuming. Instead I found the situation hilarious.

I LOVE NY. There, I said it. Not the way most people love it. For me, it’s the small things that make it so irresistible. Like the way the sidewalks sparkle in the sunlight & glisten in the moonlight… the business woman riding a scooter wearing a suit and high heels… the tourist taking a picture of his wife buying a metro card… the random stranger who offers to help me carry my groceries… a little boy who steps off a school bus and shouts “helllooooo New York!”… I could go on forever, but that would be telling icon wink I got stuck in traffic  train traffic. And yes, I even put up with annoying train delays and route changes and closed exits, because as annoying as they are, it’s so typical NY!

While I’m on the subject, last night I stumbled upon an amazing artist named Christoph Niemann who has a blog on, one of his posts pertaining to his children’s love of the subways. All of his posts are remarkably creative and so worth reading. (I should know- I stayed up til 5 am b/c I couldn’t get enough of his genius.) His website is worth checking out as well, he has done work for The New Yorker, and many other publications. Above all, he has a sense of humor! Click on the pictures below to view the nytimes blog…

Christoph Niemann The Boys and the Subway 300x235 I got stuck in traffic  train traffic.

Cables 300x224 I got stuck in traffic  train traffic.

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YTR November 12, 2011 at 10:17 pm

wow i love reading your blog!


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