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Mmmm… Tasty Photography

| August 15, 2011

When I first discovered Carl Warner a few years ago, I was amazed at how realistic his foodscapes were. Visually stunning and meticulously detailed- at first glance they look like photographs, but when you start to explore the landscapes it’s fun to discover all the little bits and pieces that make them so gorgeous.

In addition to the foodscapes, Warner has created some landscapes out of office supplies, clothing, watches, etc. Check out his website for more. If you curious as to how he created some of these photos, I recommend reading his book Food Landscapes. I bought it from Barnes & Noble for about $10 with a coupon.


More recently I stumbled upon Christopher Boffoli, who has created a series of photographs aptly named “Disparity”*. Clever composition, entertaining, appealing – they also make me hungry!  You can read some of the humorous captions on Boffoli’s website.
 *Recently renamed Big Appetites – visit the site for new photos and updates. 


While not food related, Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine is dynamic, sometimes funny, and pretty interesting. View the entire collection, or read about the concept behind this series.


The next set of photos is self-explanatory- amazing paper sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka.


Do you remember how there was an ongoing competition in grade school- who could create the longest pencil shavings? Ok, maybe it was only in my school. I even figured out which pencils were best for creating the prettiest, sturdiest curlicues, and had the pencil sharpening technique down to a science.

Dalton Ghetti takes it a step further- he actually carves miniature sculptures out of pencils, some of them taking years to complete. He does this as a hobby. Now that takes patience.

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