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Music is Dynamite!

| December 1, 2010

Listen: Bruno Mars – Count On Me

Today started with rain, and ended on a high note. Literally.

It was a pretty mediocre day, until I decided to re-watch the Maccabeats music video that’s been going around. Which led to me watch the original A Cappella cover of Dynamite by Mike Tompkins. And pretty soon I was jumping around singing about “latkes dancing all night in the club”.

Music has the amazing ability to turn an ordinary day into something exciting. Instead of vegging out in front of the computer or tv all night, I was dancing around the kitchen, bedroom, living room… with an infectious beat running through my head and (apologies to the neighbors) mouth.

If you haven’t seen either video yet, please watch them! The covers (in my opinion)are even better than the original Taio Cruz version.

A bit off topic, but I’ve been watching the figure skating Grand Prix in France this week. Although I generally prefer watching ice dancing over singles skating, I have to say that the Men’s Free Skate was particularly impressive. Florent Amodio was superb, and Brandon Mroz has really improved. One thing I noticed is that Brandon has beautiful movement in his arms- they are constantly in fluid motion. Somewhat disappointed that none of the American men made it to the Grand Prix final, but it should be a fierce competition.

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