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Think different.

| October 6, 2011

Two words that changed the world: Think different.

Steve Jobs lived those words. He didn’t just sell us products, he sold us his vision. Steve Jobs created things we never knew we needed, but can’t live without. A true creative, he was constantly innovating, evolving, and improving.

I’m not going to list all his virtues and talk about the life of Steve Jobs, because there are a million other people doing just that. Yet I think it is important to acknowledge that Steve Jobs is someone who has positively affected change in the world.

One of the things Apple does best is marketing. Their products are sleek and attractive, the simplicity in their advertisements genius. They have always focused on selling to “creatives” – which does not necessarily mean an artist, writer or some other similar stereotype. No, what makes someone a creative is their ability to think differently. And that is who Steve Jobs was. A creative.

These classic videos say it all:


Steve Jobs: A Tribute by The Dieline
Steve Jobs eventually made me Think Different
Steve Jobs, Apple’s Visionary, Dies at 56
The World-Changer: Steve Jobs knew what we wanted

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