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Tropicana and a Dancing Donkey

| January 19, 2012

This is probably old news, but I was walking from the Shuttle to the 6 train last week, and noticed the whole walkway in Grand Central is plastered with I OJ NY, an ad campaign for Tropicana. It would be hard to ignore, considering that they’ve covered every available surface with bright yellow posters.

Advertising can be really annoying when it’s shoved in your face like that, but I think we can forgive Tropicana and the creative team at DDB  for coming up with a clever campaign that gets the point across.

Shloimy Notik (copywriter) wrote a post on his Tumblr about how he stumbled upon the concept for the campaign.


Art Director: Manuel Aleman
Art Director: Carlos Wigle
Art Director: Klane Harding
Copywriter: Shloimy Notik
Copywriter: Aron Fried
Copywriter: Johnny Galbraith
Creative Director: Menno Kluin
Chief Creative Officer: Matt Eastwood


As for the donkey…

The NYC Ballet season has officially started! I’ve mentioned it before, but you can get student rush tickets for merely $15, and they are generally great seats. Tonight I saw an all Balanchine program. The last part they performed was Union Jack, and at some point they have a donkey onstage. A real live donkey… so my friend and I were trying to figure out where exactly do they keep a donkey backstage??? Funny enough, later on I noticed that NYCB wrote about the donkey on their FB page, along with this picture:

NYCB donkey 300x300 Tropicana and a Dancing Donkey

NYCB presents another all Balanchine program tonight concluding with “Union Jack,” which features nearly all the dancers of NYCB and Giorgio, the donkey. Did you know Giorgio debuted in the ballet when it premiered in 1976? He was hand-picked by Balanchine. He’s the only original cast member still performing the ballet today, and here he is relaxing in his “dressing room” backstage. Break a leg, Giorgio!

If you plan on seeing a ballet this season, I would recommend anything choreographed by Jerome Robbins (my favorites are The Concert, Fancy Free, Opus Jazz & West Side Story).

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