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Why I Love Jennifer Fallon

| August 29, 2010

I absolutely love reading, and one of my favorite genres is fantasy. What makes fantasy so great is the realism. I find that the fiction is more accurate than the truth in most non-fiction books. More on that another time…

I’m in middle of re-reading one of my favorite series, The Tide Lords by Jennifer Fallon. She is absolutely one of the best fantasy writers. My first introduction to Fallon was through The Second Sons trilogy. The characters were compelling and in-depth, the story… consuming and SMART.

The first book in the Tide Lords series is The Immortal Prince, which has a story within a story. Once again, the characters are rich and full-bodied and the plot is unique and leaves you wanting more. The sequel (The Gods of Amyrantha) adds new layers and dimensions, which makes it even more impressive.

The only downside to Fallon’s books is that they are published first in Australia, and I had to wait a year in between each to find out what happened next. If anyone is looking to fall in love with a new author, definitely pick up a book by Jennifer Fallon, you won’t be disappointed.

Books by Jennifer Fallon:

Hythrun Chronicles, Demon Child
1. Medalon
2. Treason Keep
3. Harshini

Hythrun Chronicles, Wolfblade
4. Wolfblade
5. Warrior
6. Warlord

Tide Lords
1. The Immortal Prince
2. The Gods of Amyrantha
3. The Palace of Impossible Dreams
4. The Chaos Crystal

Second Sons
1. Lion of Senet
2. Eye of the Labyrinth
3. Lord of the Shadows
Here’s a reader’s review on The Second Sons Trilogy.

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